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5 de October de 2023

INOOMP 1 Set jacketed Kettle Outdoor Products Backpack Camping Backpack Travel Cooker Outdoor Cooking Pot pan Backpacking Cooking Gear Backpacking cookware Outdoor Cookwares Field Tool

Price: $70.04
(as of Oct 05, 2023 05:29:57 UTC – Details)

Package List
1 x Soup Pot 1 x Frying Pan 1 x Tea Pot 3 x Plate 3 x Fork Spoon 3 x Water Cup

-Frying Pan Size: Diameter: 18.50cm, Height: 5 Campfire Cooking Sets.
-Plate Size: Diameter: 18 Picnic Cooking Set.
-Fork Spoon Expanded Size: 15,00X4 Portable Camping Cookwares.
-Tea Pot Size: Diameter: 15.00cm, Height: 8.00cm, Lid Mouth: 9.00cm, Water Outlet Port: 1 Camping Cookwares.
-Color: Assorted Color Outdoor Cookwares
-Soup Pot Size: Diameter: 18.00cm, Height: 11.00cm, Capacity: 2 Cooking Utensils Set.
-Water Cup Capacity: 230ml Camping Cooking Set
-Material: Aluminium Alloy+Stainless Steel+Silicone Travel Cooking Set
-Also can conduct quickly to fry and cook food in a short time Hiking Cookware Set.
-Exceptionally lightweight so that your barely feel the weight within the pack on your back Camping Utensil Set.
-It take ups little space, makes it convenient to store while not in use Outdoor Cooking Tools.
-Has a bag to storage product and you can in your backpack or put in your luggage case Cookware Tableware Set.
-Are firm and sturdy, perfectly to high temperature Outdoor Cooking Set.

Goods Information
trekking backpack It is a time saving cooking kit, durable pot not only can withstand high temperature, but also can quickly transfer to fry and cook food in a short time.hiking backpacks You can enjoy the perfect outdoor time with your family and friends with the help from this practical cooking utensil set

Portable camping cookware– it is a time-saving cooking toolkit which is light and strong.
Camping spoon– the bowls and spoons are made of food-grade materials.
Outdoors cooking equipment– also can conduct heat quickly to fry and cook food in a short time.
Outdoor cooking tools– the heat-insulating plastic handle can prevent burns due to high temperature.
Camping pans– all appliances are and healthy to your body.

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